about kirkwood country

As the Property Manager for your Association, I would like to welcome you and your family to the subdivision. As a property owner in the subdivision, you are a member of the homeowners association.

The Association is a non-profit organization in which all homeowners and members, as such, have certain rights and obligations. The Association may provide various services to its members such as providing for the maintenance of the recreation center and the common areas in the subdivision as well as enforcement of the deed restrictions. As a homeowner, the sustained value of your home is of great interest to you. The Association was created to establish mutually beneficial restriction for the purpose of protecting the value and desirability of all property within Kirkwood Country. If the Association functions well, it is our opinion that the lifestyle you have chosen and your property values will be maintained. Each homeowner is involved in the Association in some manner.  Involvement for you may mean only that you pay your assessments on time and comply with the governing legal documents. You may wish to take a more active role by serving on a committee.

Success of your Association is dependent upon the involvement of homeowners such as yourself. In time, you may wish to make certain improvements to your home and/or property. To protect the investment of all the homeowners and to keep Kirkwood Country a pleasant neighborhood in which to live, the Architectural Control Committee must approve all such exterior improvements. Approval may be obtained by submitting a written request for the Committee approval, including a drawing of the request changes, through this office.

Please see the Forms section to download the Architectural Control Committee Modification Request form (ACC). If you have any question regarding your Association, please call 


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